New Paradigm of Reality:
The Multispace Universe

Multispace Featured

Convergetics Research Center Announces Book Introducing The Multispace Universe, the New Paradigm of Reality Over time, we have had to abandon two major ideas about the Earth: that it is flat, and that it is placed at the center of

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The Multispace Diagram vs Minkowski’s Diagram

In 1905, Einstein discovered the special relativity of inertial frames of reference, which generalizes Galileo’s principle of relativity (that all uniform motion is relative, and that there is no absolute and well-defined state of rest). He based his theory on

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State of Fundamental Physics

Facts and Open Questions of Fundamental Physics Since the dawn of humanity, we have lived with the paradigm that our universe is the alpha and omega of reality, a unique and smooth space. However, while working within this paradigm science

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Predictions of the Multispace Model

The Multispace Model lets us make several predictions about the structure of reality. Here are just a few of them: ► Reality is not limited to our universe alone! Rather, it is a multispace that holds within it a myriad of

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Minkowski’s Legacy

Today, Hermann Minkowski is most famous for introducing a two-dimensional space-time diagram to explain the Lorentz transformation of Special Relativity. Over the last century, this intuitive visual aid has helped clarify Einstein’s theory, significantly facilitating its dissemination to scientists and the general public.  However, according to Minkowski,

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Proof That CO2 Does Not Cause Warming


USGCRP ( uses this graph to prove that CO2 drives the warming. However, this study explains why the graph actually proves the opposite, which is that there is no correlation over the whole 1880-2000 period: As published by the

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In 2013, a Climate Model Predicted the 2020 Cold Weather and Forecasted 2030 0.26°C (0.47°F) Below 2000

2013 Climate Model Predictions

Summary Based on an unpublished cosmological theory, its author predicted in 2001 that climate change is natural, and has a 60-year cycle. The cooling phase/temperature plateau started in 2000, and should last until 2030. (See below the first diagram) In

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Natural Dual-Forcing Climate Model


Climate Change Is Real, but It Is Natural, Cyclic, and Correlates with Earthquakes   See this video in YouTube:     Thanks

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The 2013 Sexagesimal Climate Model Shows Climate Change Is Natural

Sexagesimal Hypothesis, a 60-Year Dual-Pattern Climate Model

See the 2017 version: Natural Dual-Forcing Climate Model IMPORTANT NOTE: The explanation of the sexagesimal hypothesis is based on the temperature graph displayed on the Climatic Research Unit homepage when this post was published on March 10, 2013. On April 15,

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July 2001: Advances Temperature Theory, Suggests Kyoto Protocol Be ‘Put On Hold’

NOTE:  This Press Release was issued on July 23, 2001, and was based on global temperature data available at that time at the  U.S. National Climatic Data Center. Newer temperature statistics modify the temperature ranges of this sexagesimal model, but the sexagesimal

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