Convergetics Research Center Announces Book Introducing The Multispace Universe, the New Paradigm of Reality.

Convergetics is the overarching science that converges natural sciences to gain more knowledge. The branches of science that Convergetics explores to discover the rules that govern the natural world are: physics, cosmology, astrophysics, and Earth sciences (geology, geophysics, climatology, and seismology). A convergent science does more than just being an overarching science would do. It proactively drives the analytical sciences to work in synergy by connecting the dots between all of them. Simply put, it looks at the big picture of reality.

“Convergetics” comes from “convergent science” and rhymes with “mathematics” and “physics.”

Back in 2001, Alexandrescu predicted that the globe had entered a cooling phase/temperature plateau since 2000. This period may last until 2030.

Convergetics Research Center is a privately held research company aiming to become an interdisciplinary community of researchers driven by an open-minded passion to discover reality and its natural rules.

The Center was founded in 2002 by Gene Alexandrescu, a convergetician who holds a Master’s degree in electronics engineering. He spent most of his professional career as an R&D engineer.


Convergetics Research Center welcomes participation of scientists, lay people, and philanthropists.

Our center is fully funded by private donations. We therefore very much appreciate your contribution!