Proof That CO2 Does Not Cause Warming


USGCRP ( uses this graph to prove that CO2 drives the warming. However, this study explains why the graph actually proves the opposite, which is that there is no correlation over the whole 1880-2000 period: As published by the

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In 2013, a Climate Model Predicted the 2020 Cold Weather and Forecasted 2030 0.26°C (0.47°F) Below 2000

2013 Climate Model Predictions

Summary Based on an unpublished cosmological theory, its author predicted in 2001 that climate change is natural, and has a 60-year cycle. The cooling phase/temperature plateau started in 2000, and should last until 2030. (See below the first diagram) In

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Natural Dual-Forcing Climate Model


Climate Change Is Real, but It Is Natural, Cyclic, and Correlates with Earthquakes   See this video in YouTube:     Thanks

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The Natural Dual-Forcing Climate Model, advances that global climate change has a 60-year cycle with two independent forcings. Its lengths suggests a cosmological cause.


The temperature rise since the 70s, which now is considered to be anthropogenic global warming, is in fact a normal 30-year warming phase, similar to 1910-1940, but its beginning was shifted upwards by the lack of cooling of previous cooling phases.


Since 2000, the globe has entered a cooling phase/temperature plateau that may last until 2030. The best educated guess is that 2030 will end within -0.09°C ±0.17°C with respect to 2000, but we need to know more.