Sexagesimal climate model shows warming and stop are both natural

Sexagesimal Hypothesis, a 60-Year Dual-Pattern Climate Model

IMPORTANT NOTE: The explanation of the sexagesimal hypothesis is based on the temperature graph displayed on the Climatic Research Unit homepage when this post was published on March 01, 2013. On April 15, 2013, the Climatic Research Unit and the

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July 2001: Advances Temperature Theory, Suggests Kyoto Protocol Be ‘Put On Hold’

NOTE:  This Press Release was first issued in July 23, 2001, and was based on global temperature data available at that time at the  U.S. National Climatic Data Center. See it at the PR Newswire Web site. Newer temperature statistics modify the

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Sexagesimal Hypothesis, a 60-Year Dual-Pattern Climate Model, advances that global climate change has a 60-year cycle with two independent patterns. Its lengths suggests a cosmological cause.


The temperature rise since the 70s, which now is considered to be anthropogenic global warming, is in fact a normal 30-year warming phase, similar to 1910-1940, but its beginning was shifted upwards by the lack of cooling of previous cooling phases.


Since 2000, the globe has entered a cooling phase/temperature plateau that may last until 2030. The best educated guess is that 2030 will end within -0.09°C ±0.17°C with respect to 2000, but we need to know more.